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At Bojack Studios, you work 1:1 with
a professional designer & small business owner. 

Hi, I'm Aaron.  I'm a graphic designer and illustrator.  

I began designing wedding stationery when I got married back in 2010.  As an artist, I was very picky about my wedding stationery (and as a professional wedding planner my wife was even more particular!).  Our invitations were a huge success, and friends began asking me to design invitations for their life milestones. Then my wife started referring her clients to me.  Suddenly, I found myself designing invites & stationery full time!

I love making unique, on-trend, and classic wedding stationery & customizing it for YOU. I also know that you're dealing with 9000 other things (both wedding and life-related), so I try to make the customization process easy and quick while never compromising on quality and artistry!

I hope to work with you to make beautiful paper!  


"What's a Bojack?"

The studio is named for our doggies, who rule our lives. This mixed breed is equal parts stubborn & smooshy, energetic & lazy, and just plain cute!

They are often found hanging out in the studio, trying to assist with the design work.  They are not good designers though. 

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