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 Envelopes, etc.


For A7 Invitations & Cards, we offer several envelope options:
-Single envelopes are available in square flap or Euro (pointed) flap.

-Double envelopes (inner + outer) are available in Euro flap

For A9 Invitations & Cards, we offer single envelopes in square flap or Euro (pointed) flap.


*All envelopes are available in white or ivory. We can also accommodate custom envelope colors - contact us for details & pricing.

Wedding Invitation Envelopes by Bojack Studios


Just as their name implies, double envelopes means that you're sending your invitation in a pair of envelopes. The Outer Envelope is addressed, stamped & sealed for mailing, while the Inner Envelope is nestled inside to keep your invitation pristine through the mailing process. Inner envelopes are ungummed and typically not sealed (unless you opt to add a wax seal). We strongly suggest inner envelopes if you've added a wax seal (to close a vellum jacket, for instance), as an added layer of protection. If you opt for double envelopes with a liner, the Inner Envelope will be lined, which means your gorgeous liner won't be torn when the outer envelope is opened. 

We offer printing on the Inner Envelopes as well - this is where you would put the names of those invited (and any plus ones). Inner envelopes are a great way of letting your guests know exactly who's invited to the wedding.


We offer envelope liners in a variety of patterns and colors for any envelope size. We can also add text and/or a monogram to our liners. 


For invitations, we offer return address printing on the back flap & guest address printing on the front of the envelopes. You can choose your fonts, font color, layout and design elements. 

For reply cards, we offer return address printing on the front of the envelope. You can choose your fonts, font color, layout and design elements. 


Note: for guest addressing, we require that you send us your guest addresses using our Guest Address Template. We only import envelopes once per order, so we strongly suggest that you wait until your guest list is absolutely final before providing us with the address file. Our designers can work on everything else regarding your suite without having the address list, so it won't hold up the design process. 

Changes (edits/adds) to envelope addresses will incur a fee if occurring after import has been completed. 

We're excited to announce custom postage designs as a new item on offer. Your designer will work with you to come up with a postage stamp design that coordinates with your suite. You receive the design, which you can then upload to any site that sells custom postage (such as or Zazzle). 

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