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​​ Customizations

"Real luxury is customization."

- Lapo Elkann - 


Our invitations are all very customizable. You can combine any typography style with your choice of fonts, colors, liner patterns, reverse side printing, etc. 


You can absolutely customize the fonts, font color & wording of your suite. Our font library is incredibly large - if you have a specific font in mind, we probably have it. You can also let us know what sort of vibe you'd like, i.e. "I want our names to be in a traditional cursive" or "we like modern handwritten script". We're also happy to show you alternate font options in your proofs. 

Wording can be completely customized - our designers will work to layout your specific wording to be in line with your selected typography layout. You can view sample wording in our etiquette guide.

You can use our enclosure cards for anything you'd like - from directions to website cards, the choice is yours. RSVP cards can be customized with your choice of wording, meal icons, dietary restrictions, etc. You can view enclosure examples in our etiquette guide.

Reverse side printing is included with all of our card designs. You can choose anything from text to a monogram to a solid color to artwork. You'll see some options with each product listing, but options are endless! 

Our 2019 ink colors are shown below, but we are happy to customize ink colors to suit your event decor. You can send us inspiration images, dress swatches, etc. & we'll make a match!

Some artwork can be edited for color - for instance, the background colors of our Fleur Collection liners can be changed, but the flowers themselves are not editable. Most watercolor washes can be adjusted for color, but watercolor florals may not be. If you have a specific customization request, contact us prior to ordering & we'll let you know if we can accommodate or if we have something in our design library that suits your style. 

Here's an example of a watercolor edit:

color chart _MAIN.png
Custom Weddng Invitaions by Bojack Studios
Custom Weddng Invitaions by Bojack Studios
Custom Weddng Invitaions by Bojack Studios

We offer two colors of paper (white & ivory). They are available in Signature (120lb) weight as well as Double Thick (240lb). We can also print a full bleed background color to achieve a colored paper look. We can also print on shimmer, cotton and felt paper.

We offer invitations in A7 (standard 5x7") as well as a larger A9 size (5.5x8.5"). We can also do die-cutting (rounded corners, shapes, etc.) as well as square cards. 

If you would like more information on specialty paper, alternate sizing or die-cut shapes, please contact us

If you'd like to view our paper quality, you can order a sample kit.


For A7 Invitations & Cards, we offer several envelope options:
-Single envelopes are available in square flap or Euro (pointed) flap.

-Double envelopes (inner + outer) are available in Euro flap

For A9 Invitations & Cards, we offer single envelopes in square flap or Euro (pointed) flap.


*All envelopes are available in white or ivory. We can also accommodate custom envelope colors - contact us for details & pricing.












Just as their name implies, double envelopes means that you're sending your invitation in a pair of envelopes. The Outer Envelope is addressed, stamped & sealed for mailing, while the Inner Envelope is nestled inside to keep your invitation pristine through the mailing process. Inner envelopes are ungummed and typically not sealed (unless you opt to add a wax seal). We strongly suggest inner envelopes if you've added a wax seal (to close a vellum jacket, for instance), as an added layer of protection. If you opt for double envelopes with a liner, the Inner Envelope will be lined, which means your gorgeous liner won't be torn when the outer envelope is opened. 

We offer printing on the Inner Envelopes as well - this is where you would put the names of those invited (and any plus ones). Inner envelopes are a great way of letting your guests know exactly who's invited to the wedding.




Our MONOGRAM COLLECTION features some of our favorite monogram styles. We are happy to add one of these monogram styles to any of our other collection designs (including font/color changes), free of charge. If you would like us to design a completely custom monogram for your suite, we'd love to do so for an additional $75 fee. 

Double Envelope Wedding Invitations by Bojack Studios
Wedding Monograms by Bojack Studios
Wedding Monograms by Bojack Studios
Monogram Wedding Invitations by Bojack Studios


You can add foil to any of our cards! For more information about foil, check out our FOIL DETAILS page. 


We offer a wide array of embellishments from Custom Postage to Pocketfolds. You can view our embellishment offerings HERE. We can also accommodate custom requests - such as die cut jackets, printed vellum overlays, etc. Just contact us to discuss!

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