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Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Avoid Faux Pas & make your life easier by following some of our top tips for invitations.

-DON'T place registry information on your wedding invitations or inserts. Registry details can be placed on your website & sent with any shower invitations.

-DO place postage on your Reply Card envelopes (except for international guests).

-DON'T write "no children" or "adults only" on your invitations. This information should be clear based upon how you address your envelopes. (VIEW OUR ADDRESS GUIDE HERE). If you really are worried about people bringing uninvited children you can put this information on your website or encourage your wedding party/family members to spread the word orally.

-DO choose a reply by date that gives both your guests and yourselves ample time to plan. We suggest giving guests 2-3 weeks to reply and giving yourselves an RSVP deadline of 6 weeks before your wedding date.

-DON'T forget to order extra save the dates and invitation suites (15-20 is typical) to account for last minute changes.

-DO remember to pack a full invitation suite to have photographed on the wedding day (or send one to your photographer in advance of the wedding day).

-DON'T list pre- or post- wedding events on the invitation itself. You can include an insert with a weekend itinerary or send separate invitations for things like rehearsal dinners or post-wedding brunch. Separate events should not be placed on the invitation itself.

-DO feel free to use online RSVPs. It's 100% acceptable & very popular to direct guests to your website to reply rather than mail you back a response card. If you're worried about older guests, you can also include a phone number or you can order a small number of mail-back Reply Cards for less internet savvy guests.

-DO number your guest list and lightly number the back of your reply cards. You'd be surprised how many people forget to write their names on the reply card before sending them back. By numbering the cards (and making sure that you have the corresponding number in your spreadsheet), you can save yourself the agony of playing "guess who".

-DO order coordinating Thank You Cards when ordering your invitation suite. You may have guests who are unable to attend the wedding who send gifts to you before the big day. You'll want to get those thank you notes out ASAP.

-DON'T forget to proofread the heck out of your invitations before giving us the go-ahead to print. Triple check all dates, spellings, addresses, and make sure that your website link is accurate. Enlist a friend or family member to review as well - sometimes a fresh set of eyes can catch something that you may miss.

-DO feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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